Washington State Legislature

The 2022 Legislature was pretty quiet on public disclosure bills.  Below is a summary of bills affecting disclosure.

SHB 1074 Concerning overdose and suicide fatality reviews.

HB 1956/SB 5859 Exempting from public disclosure sensitive records pertaining to current and
formerly incarcerated individuals' dignity and safety.

E2SSB 5842 Concerning state laws that address climate change.

Additionally, ESHB 1329 made substantial changes to the OPMA concerning public meeting accessibility and participation.

In 2018 the LEIRA Executive Board voted to attempt to influence a change in the law to help protect the privacy of child victims of sexual assault.  We are happy to report that HB 1505 has passed the Legislature with language very similar to what LEIRA proposed.  Thank you to all of the people that helped get this change pushed through.

HB 1505.pdf