Employment Opportunities

If you would like to advertise a law enforcement related position, please email [email protected] with a link to the posting and/or PDF flyer. There is no cost to agencies to share their employment opportunities; this is a benefit of LEIRA membership. Employment opportunities are included in our quarterly newsletter to members.

Gig Harbor Police Department - Police Services Specialist

Closes 10/22/23 

 WSP Correctional Records Technician (Olympia); Property & Evidence Custodian (Bellevue);  Administrative Assistant 4 - Supervisor (Olympia); Correctional Records Technician (Olympia); Property & Evidence Custodian (Federal Way); Criminal Records Identification Specialist (Olympia); Criminal Records Specialist (Olympia); Accreditation Specialist (Olympia); Communications Officer 1 (multiple locations)

Closing dates vary - see job description

What-Comm (City of Bellingham) - 911 Dispatcher

Closes 12/31/23

Bellevue Police Department - Administrative Services Manager ; Evidence Technician 

Closing dates vary - see job description

Kent Police Department - Evidence Technician Supervisor

 Closes 10/13/23

Bellingham Police Department - Crime Analyst

Closes 9/29/23

Spokane Police Department - Police Radio Dispatcher II

Ongoing recruitment

Redmond Police Department - Police Support Civilian Commander; Police Support Services Specialist

Closing dates vary - see job description

Centralia Police Department - Police Evidence/Property Specialist

Closes 10/4/23