2023 LEIRA Conference Schedule

Most conference attendees arrive Monday afternoon and leave when the conference finished at 12pm on Wednesday.
Additional time may be required for travel.

Monday, October 2

1400-1700 Early Registration/Check-In

Tuesday, October 3

0630-0800 Breakfast
0730-0800 Opening ceremony
0730-1500 Registration/Check-In 
0815-1200 Training
Leadership: Workplace Civility
Property/Evidence: Property and Evidence Management 101 - Back to Basics
Records: Disaster Preparedness and Recovery
1200-1300 Lunch & LEIRA Business Meeting 
1300-1330 Vendor visits
1330-1700 Training
Leadership: Building Your Leadership Toolbox
Property/Evidence: Property/Evidence Best Practices Panel
Records Track: Managing Law Enforcement Records for the Future
1900-2100 President’s Reception (includes light hors d'oeuvres)

Wednesday, October 4

0630-0800 Breakfast 
0730-1500 Registration/Check-In
0815-1200 Training 
Leadership: Preparing for PRA Litigation (0815-1000)
Leadership: Leadership and Accountability in Law Enforcement Support Services (1015-1145)

Property/Evidence: Evidence, Records and Retention (ALL Day Class)
Records: BWC: Lessons Learned Panel
1200-1300 Lunch
1300-1330 Vendor visits 
1330-1700 Training
Leadership: Employee Evaluations, Coaching, and Counseling 
Property/Evidence: Evidence, Records and Retention (ALL Day Class Cont.)
Records: Public Records Act Expert Panel
1900-2100 Networking Event (includes light hors d'oeuvres)

Thursday, October 5

0630-0800 Breakfast
0700-1000 Registration/Check-In 
0815-1200 Training 
Leadership: Resolving Conflicts and Managing Difficult Conversations
Property/Evidence: Accreditation Audits, Inventories and Evidence (0815-1000)
Records: Sealing and Expunging Records (0815-1000)
Property/Evidence: Evidence Packaging for Crime Lab Submissions (1015-1200)
Records: Accreditation and Audits (1015-1200)